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A pinata is a figure made of a clay pot and covered with paper mache. It is decorated in bright colors and is filled with fruit, candy or small toys. Pinatas are used at parties where they are suspended from a rope, and blind-folded children take turns hitting them with a stick until they break. When that happens, the children rush to collect the sweets and fruit that have fallen from them. Jenny’s Party Rentals in Whittier CA offers hand-made and themed custom pinatas for your children to have fun with.

Colorful pinatasIt is considered that custom pinatas originated at the same time as posadas, in 1586. Posadas are masses that were held in the days leading up to Christmas, and it was during these masses that the pinatas were first introduced. Friars used pinatas as allegories to help them in their efforts to Christianize the native people of Mexico. The original pinata was shaped like a star with seven points, which represented the seven deadly sins. The bright colors symbolized temptation. The blindfold is a representation of faith, and the stick is a symbol of virtue that will help conquer sin. The goodies inside the pinata stand for the riches of the kingdom of heaven. Jenny’s Party Rentals in Whittier CA has pinatas in a variety of designs such as animals or cartoon characters. Our creations are made with love, and we are sure that your children are going to feel that.

Funny and beautiful – pinatas from Jenny’s Party Rentals

The main offer from Jenny’s Party Rentals in Whittier CA is party equipment rental service, which includes canopy tent rental and jumpers for rent. We can give you the most Pinatas gamesaffordable and friendly service. We have been working in this field since 2002, and, during this period of time, we have provided unbeatable service. We are licensed, insured and bonded, which means that you don’t have to worry about safety issues with our equipment. We will treat you and your property with respect. We are punctual, helpful and reliable.

Every one of our staff members is highly professional and knowledgeable, which can give you peace of mind that the service we are providing is the best. They always work with passion, dedication and love to help you throw the best party imaginable. Do not hesitate and book our equipment for your next celebration.

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Jenny's Party Rentals' number one goal is to help you celebrate a special occasion in the best way possible. We have been a leading party equipment provider in Whittier, CA since 2002.

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